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Coaxial Connector in stock
BNC Male straight/Right Angle 50OHM/75ohm Bulkhead Mount Connector Solder Attachment PCB 4pin Connector
Applicable Standard:
MIL-C-39012; CECC 22120; IEC 60169-8.
&#9632; PCB Solder Type &#9632; Nickel/Tri-metal Plating
&#9632; 50ohm/75 ohm&#9632; Bulkhead Attachment
&#9632; TV Network&#9632; PC Network
&#9632; Instrument & Equipment&#9632; Microwave Communication
BNC series are one kind of bayonet lugs connector, being able to connect/disconnect quickly with 50ohm and 75ohm two different impedance; it is widely used on television network, Ethernet network as well as many types of equipment & instrument.
Besides BNC coaxial cable connector, PCB solder mount type is another important branch of BNC. HUAJIAN can provide straight & right angle types of BNC solder PCB mount connector, which are usually in bulkhead attachment method fixed on instrument and equipment and best performance within 4G frequency.
Technical Data:
Type nameBNC Crimp/Clamp Type Cable Connector
Impedance50&#937;, 75&#937;
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 213
Frequency RangeDC~4GHz
Insertion Loss &#8804;0.15 dB/6GHz
Withstanding Voltage1500V rms
Working Voltage500V max
Average power3Kw max
Insulation Resistance&#8805; 5000 M&#937;
Center Contact &#8804; 1.5 m&#937;
Durability&#8805; 500(cycles)
Contact resistance:Center Contact &#8804; 1.5 m&#937;
Outer Contact &#8804; 1 m&#937;
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:Straight&#8804; 1.22
Right angle&#8804; 1.30

Material & Plating
BodyBrassNickel plated / Alloy plated
Inner PinBrassgold or silver plated
Resilient ContactBeryllium Coppergold or silver plated
Socket ContactBeryllium or tin bronzegold or silver plated
InsulatorPTFE /
Crimp FerruleCopper alloyNickel / Gold plated
O-ring sealingSilicone Rubber /
1. Straight and right angle type is available.
2. 50ohm & 75ohm can be selected
3. 4 feet interval can be customized.
4. Plating type is depending on requests.
1. Mass production capacity: 60, 000 pcs/day.
2. We are RF connector manufacturer since 2000, will offer competitive price.
3. Our quality control system in accordance with ISO9001.
4. Lead time: 7-10 days after order confirmation.
5. Quick response: our professional international business team will respond you in 12 hours and solve concerns you may have.
6. Awarded by government as “Contract Abiding enterprise” “AAA Credit Rating” since 2001, helps us build mutual trust in short time.
1. BNC connector is put in one fitting plastic bag and sealed.
2. 5 Plastic bags are in one inner box
3. 5 inner boxes are put in one big box.
Factory Presentation:
Zhenjiang HUAJIAN Electronics was established in 2000, after 17 years development, we have become professional RF Connector manufacturer serving famous telecom equipment integrator and operator in domestic and international.
we passed ISO9001 in 2002 and ISO14001 in 2006 respectively.
ISO Certificates:
Production Site:
If you're looking for bnc female connector solder attachment 4 hole flange mount solder cup terminal, welcome to buy the factory price products in stock from our factory. As an experienced China manufacturer, we will offer good after-sale service and fast delivery.Coaxial Connector in stock

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