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Human Hair Wigs Choose Methods And Hairstles Recommendations< Sujet précédent  Sujet suivant >
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China.gif westkiss

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Inscrit(e) le: 24/09/2020
Posté le 28/10/2020 04:51  
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Human Hair Wigs Choose Methods And Hairstles Recommendations
If you like human hair wigs, do you know how to choose wigs, or do you have any hairstyles recommendation? Let me introduce these two questions to you first. Here are my selection methods and three hairstyles.

Choose Methods
1. Find Out Hair Type
There many options for you to choose in West Kiss Bundles, therefore, it is important to understand you real hair type. This is the first step to find a most suitable human hair wig. After this step, you will be sure to find the same of your real hair type in our list.

2. Choose Hair Color
Our human hair wigs are available in a large spectrum of hair colors like burgundy, ombre, blonde, etc. Choose the diverse hair color you have dreamed for a long time but do not try.

3. Select Wig Cap
You need to take some time to understand the size and shape of your head. In addition, you need to know that wigs have different densities. Buying a comfortable wig means that it must fit the size and shape of your head. It is usually recommended choosing a size a little biger than the actual size of your head, cause all of the wigs in West Kiss is equipped with adjustable straps, you can adjust you wig at the most suitable condition.

Hairstyles Recommendations
1. Curly Hair 13×4 Lace Front Wigs
Light or Dark in Your Choose
Swiss Lace in Medium Brown Color
150% to 200%Density
100% Virgin Human Hair
length options from 10 inches to 18 inches

Burgundy, as this year’s hot color, has strong colors and attracts people’s attention. If you are tired of the usual hair color and want to try Burgundy, but are afraid that it is not suitable, then choose it. Curly is the bestseller, but we also have other hair wavy.

2. Natural Black 6×6 Lace Closure Wigs
Swiss Lace in Medium Brown Color
130%, 180%, 250%Density
100% Virgin Human Hair
length options from 10 inches to 16 inches
Can be Dyed or Bleached to #27, Can be Restyled, Tangle Free, Shedding Free

Choosing different specifications of curling irons can make this wig show different effects, and you can also dye it in different colors, experience the fun of being a hairdresser. And most importantly, it is affordable to most customers. A best human wig in medium cap size, 180% density and 12 inches only cost $136.49 now. What are you waiting for?

3. Natural Black HD 4x4 Closure Wig
HD Lace
150% to 250%Density
100% Virgin Human Hair
length options from 16 inches to 30 inches
Deep Wave, Curly, Loose Deep, Water Wave in your choice

The transparent lace can be suitable for various skin tones, and there are various hair wavy to choose from. You can choose any length you want. This hair has the widest choice for you.

More human hair lace wigs can be found on the official website of West Kiss Wigs. There are many promotion activities to celebrate Halloween, and the most cost-effective one is buy one get one free wigs. If you buy a 13x4 lace frontal wig, you can get a free head band wig. If you buy a 613 blonde lace wig, you can get a 613 bob wig human hair. For more details, please pay attention to our website.

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