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The Bigger, The Better - Vlookoptical.com REVIEW
If you’ve spent any time here, you probably know that I’m a bit of an eyeglassesaddict, for lack of a better word. According to my current prescription, I already have five pairs of corrective glasses. I like to think of glasses as just another accessory - though much more useful than a ring or chain!

Recently, Vlookoptical.com got in touch again to ask me would I like to work with them again, to review a new pair of frames from their new range! Since I'm me, and I love glasses so so much, I of course said yes, and here we are. They have a whole plethora of new stock, from regular glasses frames, to prescription sunglasses, of every shape and size, for every taste.

I love tortoise shell toned frames of every shape and size, I love giant frames and I love them to be lightweight. And today I am going to review a frame that ticks all of those boxes! I’ve a huge soft spot for oversized designer frames, but with my return to college, I don’t really have the budget!

The Ellie Cat-eye frame has a large prescription lens, which I think is great, every way I look, I can’t see the frame. The arms of the frame are thin enough to be lightweight, thick enough to have decent strength. I am incredibly pleased with the build quality of the frame. Having already gotten to wear a pair of frames from Vlookoptical(you can read the review HERE), the best thing about the frames I've found is the toughness. They’re springy, they’re robust and they don’t scuff!

What I love about these frames is that I can wear elaborate eye makeup, and you can see it behind the lens and frame. In many other frames I’ve worn, I can’t justify wearing eyeliner or any eye makeup because the smaller the frame, the less you’ll see it! With this, you are guaranteed to see my liner wings and I don’t risk mascara smudges on the inside of the lens.

I love the frame pattern, a subtle tortoise shell motif that looks like a plain black glossy finish in the right light. It’s subtle, picking up my freckles in the golden brown shade and complimenting my red hair to boot!!

If you’ve ever bought a pair of well fitting frames, you will be able to pull the measurements from the inside of the arm on the frame, which will help you pick a well fitting frame from Vlookoptical. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re buying the right size for your face, as you would be if you were to buy shoes online. Vlookopticalalso have a helpful guide to help you work out the measurements and what they mean and you can find it HERE!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, I offer my readers a coupon code :20VLOOK will give you 20% off any frame you want, including sunglasses, and you’ll get prescription lenses for free. The only caveat is that you cannot use this code on the framework of the sales section.

If you want to get new and charming frames, don’t hesitate! Go Vlookoptical!

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